Affiliate program

Copyrights to use Attraction symbols for business purposes

Using Attraction symbols for personal purposes is permitted to everyone. For any commercial use (presentations, marketing, sales …) of Attraction symbols it is necessary to obtain the prior written consent or permission of copyright owner, Maya Peron.

For any additional information regarding the use of Attraction symbols and copyright, please feel free to contact us!

Together with Attraction symbols…

The law of attraction works, whether we believe it or not, whether we understand it or not. It’s a fact! With attraction symbols we can turn it to our advantage!

Times of competing are over and it has become clear long ago that the power is in connection and integration.

My desire is to connect with perspective companies that are aware that there is something “more”. With companies that know how to unite opportunity and mission. With companies that realize that we live in co-dependency and we all want the same things – to be happy, safe, healthy, accepted, and successful, to love and be loved… The kind of companies that wish to create their profits by doing good work for people.

If each company creates at least one line of their products with Attraction symbols implemented on them, every person on Earth will find a product perfect for them.

People will be more optimistic, kinder, they will start believing in themselves, they will realize they are strong enough to influence their life and focus on solutions instead of problems.

As a result they will be happier, much healthier, have less conflicts and better relations, start believing in themselves, new solutions will appear and because of satisfaction and good motivation their productivity will increase dramatically.

Do you want to draw smiles together with us? 🙂 🙂

1. Terms of Use

Maya Peron and Attraction symbols represent a personal brand, products, goods and services, as well as an educational program conducted by the Association DOit. Your participation in Maya Peron and Attraction symbols affiliate program is dependent upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions delineated in this general Terms of use, meaning that you understand and accept all the aforementioned terms of the Program.

2. Who can join?

All legal or physical entity of legal age is eligible to participate in our Program, provided they enter true information when completing the registration form. Registration is free and without any obligations. In the event any legal or physical entity is providing false, incorrect or incomplete information, we reserve the right to terminate the affiliate account and withhold payments to such legal or physical entity. We, also, reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse cooperation with any person or entity. Each affiliate entity is only permitted one (1) affiliate account. Duplicate accounts shall be deleted.

3. Registration process

Our Affiliate program registration process includes the following steps:

  • a potential affiliate is registered to the portal, after accepting terms and conditions for customers and affiliate, through the following web site:
  • In accordance with instructions, a potential affiliate is registered on the Affiliate program. The registration link/banner can be found on the aforementioned web site.
  • Once the registration process is completed, a potential affiliate is assigned an account, which still needs to be confirmed and approved. After a review of the data submitted during registration, DOit Association confirms and activates the account.
  • Provided all the submitted information is true, accurate and complete, an affiliate is assigned an account. Affiliates shall be informed about the entire registration process via valid e-mail address, submitted on the registration.
  • After the account has been approved, an affiliate may initiate activities in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the Program.

4. Affiliate’s rights and obligations

  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes not to use the promotional material and the entire content on the affiliate web sites to infringe any copyright, license and/or other intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes to organize proper functioning of all the affiliate links. DOit Association is not obligated to verify the correct functioning of the links and inform affiliates about defective links. Furthermore, DOit Association shall not be responsible for any loss of commission being the result of improper operation of links, provided such fault is due to the fact affiliate has not generated an affiliate link in accordance with the instructions.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes, if necessary, to amend or change the content of the website, in case of policy change within the DOit Association Affiliate Program. Affiliate Program Manager shall inform affiliates about any such change via e-mail.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes to publish the entire promotional material in accordance with the instructions of the DOit Association Affiliate Program. Affiliate Program Manager may, in his/her sole discretion, inform partners about violation of any of the conditions and demand compensation. In the event of multiple breaches, affiliate account shall be blocked.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes to manage the affiliate web site/s in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the republic of Slovenia.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes to publish affiliate links exclusively on the affiliate web sites or web sites for which such affiliate has the management permission.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes not to publish links to affiliate sites that promote illegal or racist content, hate speech and other content that may damage the company’s reputation. Affiliate Program Manager reserves the right, in his/her own discretion, to terminate the publishing of affiliate links on certain web sites.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes not to mislead customers, in any way, as to affiliate’s relationship with DOit Association, as well as to pose as an official representative of the Company, without the prior written approval of the Association, being the subject of a separate agreement between affiliates and provider.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes not to share false, incorrect and unconfirmed information about products, trainings, modules, workshops and other services provided by DOit Association.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes not to use domains containing trademarks or product names without prior written approval of the brand/product owner.
  • Affiliate agrees and undertakes not to distribute promotional material on the products via e-mail (mailing lists) to any person, without such person’s consent to receive commercial mail. In the event of distribution of such (spam) messages, affiliate account shall be immediately blocked.

5. Payment

Payments are processed once a month for the previous accounting period, i.e., the previous month. Payment will only be sent if the amount due to the Affiliate is at least EUR 100. Accounting period lasts from the first to the last day of the month, whereas the payments are processed by the 10th of the following month.

The amount of the agreed compensation shall be calculated from the net value of the ordered products or services. The compensation varies depending on the type of product or service. All compensation types can be found on the Provider’s website (, and affiliates may, at any time, check the amount of commission they are entitled to, in case of successful completion of the sale.

All commissions earned are visible on the account partner and represent gross amounts (contributions and other expenses to be deducted). The actual amount affiliates shall receive and which shall be visible on affiliate accounts depends on the affiliate status (legal or physical entity).

Affiliate is entitled to receive commission only after the successful completion of the sale. Orders made through affiliate links, which have been canceled, and for which the purchaser has been refunded, shall not be considered a successful completion of the sale.

Payments are processed on the basis of issued invoices or the relevant contract (employment, student employment contract (work assignment).

All payments are processed from the Provider’s company business account (DOit Association) to the bank account affiliate shall indicate when registering to the Affiliate program.

6. Termination

In case the partner violates the terms of use of this Affiliate Program, cooperation can be immediately terminated. The owner or manager of the Affiliate Program reserves the right to terminate the cooperation, if such violation causes, in any way, damage to provider’s reputation.

Affiliate can terminate the cooperation, on which he/she should inform the Affiliate Program Manager via e-mail at The account shall be shut down within five (5) business days.

In the event of termination of cooperation, DOit Association shall carry out its obligations to the affiliate no later than thirty (30) days after the termination of cooperation. Provider is not in any case obliged to pay an amount less than 50 euros. In the event that the provider has incurred costs related to the termination of cooperation, such costs will be accounted for in the payment of the last commission.

Furthermore, provider is not obliged to pay the commissions to affiliates, in case affiliates have violated the conditions contained in these Terms of Use.

7. Limitations of Liability

Doit Association will not be liable in any case to affiliates, with respect to any subject matter of these Terms of Use, for any money earned through participation in this Affiliate Program. Provider shall, to the extent possible, make available for affiliates all the promotional material and good business opportunities within this Program, whereas the actual results depend on the work, efforts and commitment of the affiliates.

All participants agree that Provider is not responsible for unsuccessful investment projects or partnerships, launched within the framework of the Affiliate Program DOit.

8. Disputes

All participants in the Affiliate program agree to resolve all disputes through friendly negotiations. In case disputes cannot be resolved amicably, those shall be settled under the rules of the court of jurisdiction in Ljubljana.

General Terms and Conditions were last revised on 5.12.2018